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Old 08-20-2013, 05:13 PM
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Default God Wills It! First Crusade Campaign Theme at Fall In 2013

The battle of Manzikert nearly destroyed Byzantium; the richer half of its empire dissolved and Seljuk horsemen conquered almost all of Anatolia. Desperate for any assistance, the Byzantine Emperor asked for a little help from the West. This was, as it turned out, much like asking a Lion for help fighting the Wolves. It might work, but your sheep still gets eaten.

Special Rules:
There will actually be two maps in use; one represents 1097 as the First Crusade swept across Anatolia, which will be the map for the first turn of the campaign, and one represents 1100-1120ish, which will be the map used thereafter. Positions within the Crusader Kingdoms (the later map) will be determined by success (or otherwise) in the initial turn.

Here is the second map:

Armies Available:
  • IV/1(a) Komnenan Byzantines (4 armies)
    1. Byzantium
    2. Trebizond
    3. Ephesus and Anatolia
    4. Cyprus
  • IV/7 Early Crusaders (4 armies)
    1. Crusader 1
    2. Crusader 2
    3. Crusader 3
    4. Crusader 4
  • III/73(b) Seljuk Turks (4 armies)
    1. Konya: Seljuk Sultan of Rum
    2. Emir of Sivas
    3. Emir of Erzinjan
    4. Emir of Akhlat
  • III/65 Fatamid Egyptians (3 armies)
    1. Alexandria: DS
    2. Cairo
    3. Mecca and the Red Sea
  • IV/6 Syrian (2 armies)
    1. Damascus
    2. Aleppo
  • III/53 Dynastic Bedouin (2 armies)
    1. Emir of Mosul
    2. Emir of Hilla
  • IV/2 Cilician Armenian (1 army)
  • Zirid Emirate: III/33 EMNAS (1 army)
  • III/70(b) Georgian (1 army)

More Special Rules:
  • All Crusader players must bring elements to support up to 3 dismounted Knights, for use on the first campaign turn if required. They don't get a choice, it may be forced upon them. Historically these dismounted knights represent Crusaders who have lost their horses on the initial assault across Anatolia.
  • Crusader players may not take the 3Bw option -- that choice must be Psiloi.
  • There won't be any dismounted Knights after the first campaign turn.

We'll be adding more special rules here as we work out the details of the campaign theme, but we wanted to get the signup available so players could sign up.

As always, signup here or directly to me or DS by email. First come first serve.

V2.2+ final version playsheet available at:

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