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Results table
1 Colin O'Shea (Northern Dynasty Chinese) 127
2 Scott Russell (Northern Dynasty Chinese) 101
3 Martin Smith (Tamils) 100
4 Mike Haynes (Alan) 94
5 Patrick Myers (Later Carthaginian) 91
6 Arnaud Marmier (Sung Chinese) 84
7 Denis McManus (Hsi-Hsia) 83
8 Tony Green (Sassanids) 76
9 Pete Duckworth (Alan) 75
10 Karl Farrell (Classical Indian) 73

Others (alphabetical) Rory Crabb (EIR), Pete Duckworth (Alan), Ryan Green (EIR), Denis Grey (Dacians), Greg Higgs (Late roman (East)), Gareth Hunter (?Romans), Matt McVeigh (Western Franks), John Minchin (Polybian Roman), Martin Myers (Kyrenian Greek), Richard Pulley (Seleucids), John Saunders (Graeco-Bactrians) and Phil Steele (Abbysinians)

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