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(DBA II/80a)

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Attached are photos of my Hun army. They are 15mm Chariot (sold by Magister Militum). They are from the DBA army pack, augmented by a pack of Hun command. Their army pack was based on the DBA 1st Edition list, so there are too many Gothic knights and archers, not enough warriors. I plan on getting a Gothic confederation army (Radagaesus) soon and will solve those problems then. In the meantime I borrow warriors from my Patrician Romans.

Atilla and His Hunnic Nobles (3Cv/Gen)

Attila is waving a rather short sword – my wife said his sword arm
was puny too. But the skull standard is pretty good.

Hunnic Archers (2Lh)

 I also ordered a pack of Hun light horse using the ‘Parthian’ shot.

What direction is the front of my light horse? The direction they are shooting.
I’m quite pleased with the horse archers.

Gothic Noble Horse (3Kn)

The Gothic nobles have separate shields and arms, which allows for variation.

Gothic Foot (4Wb)

Skirmishers (2Ps)

Armies of the Fanatici > Eye Candy > DBA Resources > Fanaticus

Last Update: 19 Oct. 2007

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