Reinhard Sabel's
Sea Peoples (Peleset),
1208-1176 BC
DBA I/28

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Following are the photographs of my DBA I/28 Sea Peoples army.  The figures are 1/72 plastics from HaT. The Sea Peoples set from HaT includes - mainly two - different type warriors. First type are wearing feather-crown-helmets and are considered Peleset (later known as the Philistines). Second type are wearing full, mostly horned helmets and are considered Sherden or Shardana.  The following Sea Peoples Army is exclusively Peleset.

General (LCh/Gen)

The Warrior is a Sherden-type body with a Peleset-type head.  The light chariot is from Atlantic Egyptian Cavalry, with bow-equipment removed.

General on Foot (4Bd/Gen)

The general with his elite-warrior body-guard. The Leader with the same
 minor conversion as above.

Elite Warriors (2x4Bd)

More Elite Warriors. Although most of the Peleset-figures are wielding spears and no swords these represent blade elements. I have the following convention for my troops: the figure at the right hand side (as seen from the soldiers) is defining the weapon-type - here sword - blade.

Warriors (6x3Bd)

The Peleset main battle line consisting of blade- and spear wielding warriors.

Light Warriors (3x3Ax)

Lighter armed warriors, mostly without armor or shields. No swords.

Light Javelinmen (3x2Ps)

Even more lightly armed. Obviously no bows available.

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