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250 BC - 225 AD

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This is my Parthian Army in 1/72 Plastics. It has all options including a camp follower. The Camp Follower is LW, all other figures are from the HäT Parthian Heavy or Parthian Light Cavalry sets, which fortunately include some infantry too.

The General (1x 4Kn/Gen)

The Parthian Leader with retinue. Either the King himself,
or an important war leader (like Surena at Carrhae)

The Cataphracts (1-4x 4Kn)

The heavily armed and armoured Parthian Nobility and their retainers. (As the HäT Horse Archers look rather like "later" Parthians -without Phrygian Caps- I chose to paint the Heavies as "later" Parthians too. Therefore arms and legs are covered in metal plate/segment armour, not in leather armour, as earlier Parthians might have worn.

The Horse Archers (7-10x 2LH)

The famous Parthian Horse Archers - some showing a kind of "Parthian Shot"
 (which means shooting backwards, while retreating).
Also included are the famous Parthian kettle drums.

Light Infantry (0-1x 3Ax)

These are light/medium infantry with spear and shield, without other armour.

Skirmishers: (0-2x 2Ps)

Camp Followers (1x CF)

This is the "Death of Crassus."   One might argue, that the Parthian guy is too well equipped for a Camp Follower.  But with Crassus´ head to look after and all those prisoners lurking around, he might be considered to be somewhat hampered.

> Armies of the Fanatici > Eye Candy Galleries > DBA Resources > Fanaticus

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