Reinhard Sabel's
Early Franks,
250-496 AD
DBA II/72d

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This is my Early Frankish Army; even with "all" options is has only 13 Elements. Figures are 1/72 plastics, mainly HaT Franks, with a few HäT Gothic Cavalry and a single HaT Visigoth Infantry (the archer). The HaT Franks set is nicely researched, with typical Frankish features represented: Franisca throwing axes, some "Angon" spears, striped tunics and typical hair-styles. Perhaps the warriors have too many swords, but still a great set.

Mounted Frankish General (3Cv/Gen)

Figures are HaT Gothic cavalry. The left horseman is a minor conversion
(with Frankish head) with typical Frankish hair-style.

Frankish General on Foot (4Wb/Gen)

The General and his personal body-guard. Again only a small conversion. To show the Chief´s importance, I gave him a helmet (from Orion Vikings). The draco standard is from Revell's Anglo-Saxon set.

Frankish Warriors (10x4Wb)

The main battle line. All are wearing typical small round shields with central (spiked) boss. Most have swords, but many carry the typical Frankish axe (francisca) as well - either in hand or in their belts. This axe was for throwing and is nicely sculpted by HaT.

Skirmishers (1x2Ps)

The archer is actually from the HaT Visgothic Infantry set,
but fits well into the Frankish horde.

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