Mike Garcia's
Golden Horde (IV/47)

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These are my Golden Horde "Khanate of Kazan." (1438-1552 AD).  The figures are all Essex miniatures with the exception of some of the LH (Old Glory), and the archers and warband, which are Gladiator miniatures. Figures are from a multitude of ranges. Some of the LH are actually from Old Glory's Napoleonic range listed under Russian Bashkirs and Cossacks.

The Khan  (3Cv/Gen)

Tartars (aka Kipchaks) (3Cv)

Tartars (3Cv)

Bolgar Nobles (3Cv)

Tartars (2Lh)

Chuvash and Mordvin (2Lh)

Bashkirs (2Lh)

Siberian Tribesmen   (3Wb)

Siberian Tribesmen (3Bw)


Close-Up of Wagon

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Last Update: 27 March 2006

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