Ptolemy Keraunos (II/18d)

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Macedonia went through three Kings in 279 BCE. It was a time of assassinations and double-crosses galore! Ptolemy Keraunos was the son of King Ptolemy I Soter, who was friend and biographer of Alexander, and after his death king of Egypt, founder of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Keraunos probably started his military career as one of Alexander's Companion Cavalrymen. He ascended the ranks to become a 'strategoi' (Captain?) in the army of Alexander the Great.

After Alexander's death, "The Thunderbolt" (his nickname given after he assassinated Seleucus I, a trusted friend he stabbed in the back for his lust for POWER) became an aggressive player in the power struggle in the most intense power vacuum the world had yet seen.

This army attracted my attention because of its colorful story and character and the El (Gen) element - Keraunos is the only documented Hellenistic General to ride into battle on an Elephant! Was he courageous, or crazy?! He fell to the Galatians in the spring of 279 BC., when they were invading around and pillaging a lot of Greece, which was weak, due to its lack of unity. He fell from his Elephant and history records his head decorating a Gallic spear.

Ptolemy Keraunos (El/Gen)

The Backbone of the Army (4Pk)

The General's Personal Guard (4Pk)

The Mounted Contingent (3Kn & 3Cv)

Open Order Footmen (3Ax)

Skirmishers (2Ps)


"The Thunderbolt"'s army is a fun one to play. With an Agression Factor of 1, he usually picks the terrain, and he likes ALL GOOD GOING. He usually gets into personal combat with the enemy General, and with good odds!

Armies of the Fanatici > Eye Candy > DBA Resources > Fanaticus

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