Greg Kelleher's
(2027-1460 BC)

(DBA I/12)

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The army is Sumerian Successor States 2027BC - 1460BC (I/12), picked up from an eBay auction.  The figures are all from Essex, except for one of the figures that I used for the camp.  The painter was Joe Fox of Paint My Troops.

The King in all his glory (HCh/Gen)

 The Militia of Ur (4Pk)

The medium infantry (3Ax)


Elamite Archers (4Bw)


The drafted shepherds (2Ps)

To go with the army, Greg has scratch-built this
Ur of the Chaldees BUA and Siriah and Ibraham camp.

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Last Update: 7 March 2006

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