Greg Kelleher's
GREEKS - 900-725 BCE
(DBA I/30b)

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This army was picked up from Rudy Nelson.  It was part of a matched pair of unpainted armies that he put up on e-Bay.  The figures are mainly Old Glory with a smattering of Essex.


The King (LCh/Gen or Wb/Gen)

This is the first option for the General element. The chariot comes from Essex.  With the dismounting Wb element all 4 figures are by Old Glory.  The pseudo Herakles (in Corinthian helmet and aspis) comes from the early hoplite range and he is armed with a club like his illustrious ancestor.

The King (Cv/Gen)

The second option for the Gen element is made up of Old Glory figures.  The standard bearer has been converted by adding the standard pole and the standard is made from tissue paper.

Nobles (3Cv)

The cavalry provide a useful mounted option.

Citizenry/Subjects (3Ax)

The bulk of the army.  Towards the end of the period the Ax start to take on the characteristics of proto hoplites.

Skirmishers (2Ps)

A mixture of skirmishing archers and slingers.

The BUA is meant to represent a tholos tomb that has been robbed
during the Dark Age/Geometric period of Greek history.

The camp borrows heavily from the 1960’s movie “Jason and the Argonauts”.  It is meant to represent the area around where Hephaestus set up the bronze statuary park.  The camp follower is obviously calling on Talos to help with the defence.

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