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Darren Buxbaum's Later Hungarian (DBA 166)

The Hungarian armies of Janos Hunyadi and Matthias Corvinus, made up with 15mm Essex.

The Later Hungarians

Janos Hunyadi

Knight General

The Hungarian Standbearer

Knights (3x 3Kn)

Hungarian Boyers

Knights (3x 3Kn)

The "Black Army" of Matthias Corvinus
["Black Army" Command Stand]

The Light Horse (3x 2LH)

Szekeler Horse Archers

The Spear (2x 4Sp)

Bohemian mercenaries

Jobbagy (3x 2Ps)

War Wagon (Option) with Bohemian mercenaries

[ Rear View ]

Hungarian Crossbow (Option) (1x 4Cb)

The Camp Followers

Capistrano & followers guarding the baggage

DBA 1.0 Options

Artillery (front view)

Artillery (side view)


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