Adrian Crawford's
Ancient Iberians (II/39abc)
240 BCE - 20 AD

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This is a Big Battle DBA army comprising Iberians and Celtiberians - surprisingly popular given its certain lack of "punch", although in DBMM Iberians are now classed as Fast Blades (3Bd) rather than Auxilia (3Ax), which would make a big difference to this army.

All figures from Jeff Caruso's superb Pass O' the North range. Sadly Jeff's figures are no longer in production, but the range can be viewed here .Jeff's figures are quite large and chunky for 15mm, which makes them easy to paint in detail and look really good on the tabletop.  Paints are Vallejo Acrylics, painted 'up' from dark to light - I'm still experimenting with different varnish finishes.  Bases are the excellent 3mm magnetised MDF by Tony Barr, again sadly not available any more.  Colour schemes are largely inspired by Polybios, a few bits of vase and the inevitable Osprey books, bar a couple of differently plumed generals for DBA purposes. Shields are pen and paint, all hand done. I am indebted to Jeff for providing the general's standards, and was inspired by him to make a few conversions of my own.  I enjoyed researching and painting the figures, and hope they might inspire Jeff to produce some more. I give the DBA & DBM troop definitions (although I need to paint a good few more before DBM is a possibility).

Generals - Iberian & Celtiberian (3Cv/CvO)

[ Rear View ]

Also see the Celtiberians lurking in the background.

Andalusian Scutarii (3Ax/Irr AxS)

Many converted to holding soliferra or pila.

[ Side view showing quilted armour ]

Celtiberian Scutarii (3Wb/WbF)

[ Rear View ]

If you count these as Celtiberian Ally, otherwise more Iberian Ax

Iberian Caetrati (2Ps/PsS)

Iberian light cavalry (2LH/LHO)

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