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Whichever history you believe, the Hyksos became masters of Lower (Northern) Egypt for quite some time. They seem to have used weapons and equipment common to Canaan and Greater Syria, though no doubt their forces soon became indistinguishable from Egypt's.. Their elite were chariot-mounted and to counter this, native Egyptian rulers became reliant on chariots as well. Eventually the Hyksos were defeated by Ahmose and Khamose, Ahmose going on to found dynasty XVIII.

The army is the (b) variant only, with four light chariots. A good balance of chariot, blade and light troops. Most figures are 1/72nd scale Atlantic Trojans, while chariots, drivers and Psiloi are Atlantic Egyptians. These are part of my Desert range so their bases are finished in yellow ochre with a sprinkle of medium flock.

General (LCh/Gen)

The general figure is a lightly remodelled Trojan leader, with bronze helm and bronze scale corslet, long striped robe and long cloak.

Light Chariotry (LCh)

Trojan archers in Egyptian chariots, with the horses remodelled to remove
the distinctive Atlantic blankets and give them bulkier breast-straps.

Massed Blades (3Bd)

The Trojan double-weaponed figure is impressively tall and menacing. Some
(see close-up) are re-equipped with spears and some have a shield slung.



These are Trojan spearmen with a new shield, which I decided the monumental evidence is trying to suggest is a rectangle, angled along the vertical centre and reinforced with bronze bosses.  In the near future I will work on the Auxilia needed to create the (a) list, probably something pretty Syrian-looking.


Equally useful to most of my Desert range, these are
the Atlantic Egyptian skirmisher figure.

Armies of the Fanatici > Eye Candy > DBA Resources > Fanaticus

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