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The following "unofficial" DBA army lists have been proposed to fill in gaps or address historical interpretations at variance with the official DBA ancient and medieval army lists. Don't expect to play these armies in tournaments; they are offered here just for fun.



Fantasy DBA Lists

Other Sources

  • Kurtis Brown's DBA Variants (Bythinia, Neohittite, Mannean, Urartian, Aramean Syrian, Cypriot, Egyption Revolt, Phyrgian, Arazawan, Hurri-Mitanni, Old Elamite, Martu/Guti/Lullubi/Early Hurrian, and Spartican Revolt).

  • Bernd Lehnhoff has done a complete translation of the DBM army lists (Books 1-4) into DBA equivalents, which includes dozen of new DBA army lists if you are handy at German.

  • Alan Saunder's DBA Variants (DBM-derived variants for Meroitic Kushite (DBM I-58), Zagros Highlanders (DBM I-3), Pre-Vedic Indian (DBM I-9), Vedic Indian (DBM I-23), Later Pre-Islamic Arab (DBM II-23), Desert Blemmye (DBM II-55), Indonesian or Malay (DBM IV-37), Eastern Forest American (DBM IV-9), Mound Builder American (DBM IV-10), and North Western American (DBM IV-11).

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