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Miniature Painting Services

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The following miniature painting services are listed here for quick reference by the Fanatici and other interested gamers. The blurbs and descriptions are those provided by the painting services themselves for purposes of advertisement, and are not specifically endorsed or guaranteed by Fanaticus.

New Aftermath Miniatures (U.K.)
 I have been painting professionally for 20 years specializing in 15mm ancient and medieval but also all other genres. We also have many 15mm figures in stock for sale on Ebay. -- Richard Turton

Advance Guard Painting Service (U.K.)
My aim is to provide well priced wargaming standard painted figures in all scales for gamers, anywhere in the world. -- Peter O'Brien.

Andy Bryant's Painting Service (UK).
See samples of my work in the gallery.

BattleDress Studio (U.K.)
Professional painting service for the military and fanatasy gamer. No job or scale too big or too small.

Battle Studios (U.K.)
Professional painting service by Steve Evans, catering for all scales and periods, also Warhammer friendly. I also design scenics and buildings of which some are available from commercial companies. New commissions always welcome. Discounts available for quantity and loyalty.

Blue Moon Arts (US)
Ken Eckhardt (aka Thrasher in the Fanaticus Forum) offers painting for any size figures and for any genres. I also do a bit of art work and can do commission art work if asked. See my Moose Track blogsite for examples of commissioned work.

Robert P. Bowling Painting Service (U.S.)
Wargame figure painter with fifteen years experience painting 25mm and 20mm historicals.

Change of Command Painting Service (USA)
Committed to offering the highest quality painting services for collectors of military miniatures and wargamers alike. Our products and services cover 15mm to 120mm painted miniatures, vignettes, armies and quality gifts.

Condottieri Painting (USA)
Thomas Durdella offers 15 years of experience painting high quality historical miniatures in all scales.

DJD Miniatures (USA)
The Superior Miniatures Painting Service. DJD Miniatures excels in providing high quality custom work with one of the fastest turn-around times in the market.

Fernando Enterprises Painting Service (Sri Lanka)
Professional service paints15mm & 25mm wargaming, 54mm toy soldiers, and semi-flat and flat Zinnfiguren of any size in metal or plastic to suit your requirements.

Fighting 15s (U.K.)
A specialist figure painting service for wargamers run by Ian Marsh, a wargamer and figure painter with more than 25 years' experience.

Flying Pigment Painting Service (Canada)
Miniature figurine painter offers Collector's Quality at a Reasonable Rate. Check my webpage for prices, pictures and contact information. I paint 15mm + 25mm in any period or size army. Thanks, Geoff Nurcombe.

G&G Painting Services (UK)
Offering a reliable, fast and competitively priced professional painting for customers worldwide.

Gajo Enterprises (U.S.)
Pre-owned and contract painted armies.  100% satisfaction guaranteed; armies shipped on approval.

Genesis Miniatures (Australia)
We specialise in the painting of historical and gaming miniatures of all scales and guarantee our customers attention to historical detail and superb finished miniatures.

Get Em On the Field Painting Service (USA)
Will paint any scale and most any period at a decent price in a timely fashion.

Goodwins' Painting Service
It's not a job, it's art.

Hand Painted Ancient Miniatures (Canada)
Offering high quality, low cost painted miniatures in various scales painted by David Cowie (Australia).

JLB Figs Painting Service (USA)
I specialize in painting historical figures using the Foundry System style of painting

Last Post Painting Service (CA)
The Last Post is your first stop for quality painted work! Featuring Fanatici George Gouveia.

Gary Leitzell's Painting Service
Full-time commercial painter; paints to high standard and fully guarantees work.

Jonathan Lim's Wargames Painting Service (Australia)
Professional painting service for Sydney miniature gamers. Painting all scales. Paintwork is executed in Citadel paints and inks over a Citadel white undercoat, with a coating of Gunze Sangyo Flat Varnish on top. Basing is free and consists of white ballast and static grass over a red-brown surface.

M&R Miniatures Painting Service (Milan, Italy)
Marco Malgrati paints miniatures for DBA and DBX and wargamers in Italy and in the World, in scales from 15mm-90mm, specializing in the Dark Age and Late Medieval period, and offering a large number of armies already painted.

Martin Robson Painting Service (U.K.)
Specialist in 25/28mm historical figures painted to display standard. Any period considered.

Painting service by John Hamilton specializing in 6mm figures; will also do up to 15mm.

Military Dispatches (UK)
David O'Brien paints figures from any period, from any manufacturer and to any quality from basic wargames standard to an extremely high display standard.

MiniFigures (UK)
Painting service by Chris Harvey, also offering brand new painted Old Glory 15mm castings in some periods. Chris is offering a 10% discount to Fanatici, just tell him that you heard about his service at Fanaticus.

Mount and Blade (UK)
Painting service by Maria Cannella, specializing in 15mm historical miniatures, with commissions taken worldwide for all periods.

Oblivion Painting Service
Ivan Burrows of Oblivion paints historical and fantasy figures from 6mm to 25mm scale with every period covered.

Paint Pot (UK)
Specialising in Ancients, Medievals, Dark ages and Fantasy figures painted to a high standard to order.

Painted Armies.Com (USA)
Dedicated to producing and providing excellent quality painted miniatures to discerning customers. (Sri Lanka)
Earth's Lowest  Miniature Painting Rates  We are a miniature painting service from Sri Lanka. We only paint miniatures 25mm scale and larger, starting as low as $3 a miniature. We welcome orders for samples so you can directly judge our quality.

The Painters Den (USA)
Small company that paints wargaming and fantasy miniatures on consignment to table or competition quality.

Paintworld (New Zealand)
Bruce Ferguson: I mostly paint 15mm miniatures suitable for DBM (De Bellis Multitudinis) or DBA (De Bellis Antiquitatis), so I guess that's my area of specialty. However I can paint any other scale (25mm or 6mm) or period as well (renaissance, horse & musket, napoleonic, ACW, colonial etc).

Paul's Miniature Painting Service (USA)
Proprieter (and Fanatici) Paul Potter will paint 15 and 25mm ancient, medieval and fantasy figures. For pricing, contact Paul at or 615-860-2162.

PhilGreg Painters (Sri Lanka)
A fast competitive specialist painting service for war gamers and collectors.

Pictors Studio (USA)
Jaime Fenimore and Scott Perry paint, convert, model, base, flock, etc. to your specifications

Pigmented Miniatures (USA)
A quality painting service for the War Gamer, RPG Player, and Collector at affordable prices.

Pioneer Professional Painting (Scotland)
DBA enthusiast Jack Glanville paints any scale to a wargaming or display standards at a competitive price.

Quartermaster General (UK)
Wargames standard 25mm/28mm figure painting at an affordable price. Now offering painted Foundry DBA armies.

Renaissance Ink (US)
Painting by Jay Wirth at two levels of quality -- wargames grade and fine detail.

Reinforcements By Post (UK)
I am a British Wargamer operating a painting service in Bangladesh. I offer top quality and best prices for wargamers. I can get your army into the field in quick time.

Ronin Craftworks(U.S.)
Hand painted miniatures and models designed to your specifications. Visit our website or email for details.

Rubicon Painting Services (UK)
Providing a high quality miniature painting service. We can source, paint and base models of any type or period. We also provide painted DBA armies and Flames of War armies. In addition to this we also cast and paint chess sets.

New Sellsword Studio (U.S.)
Our team being both former Games-Workshop employees have extensive knowledge and experience with building and painting fantastic looking armies. We will make your models stand out on the battlefield with a combination of bright color pallets and cohesive basing that will make you're force the envy of your opponents. Our team is experience in both 15mm and 25mm historicals. We build. We paint. You play!

Steve Dean Figure Painting (UK)
(currently not taking commissions)

Strategia e Tactica (Italy)

TMTerrain (U.K.)
Painting figures of all periods and scales to our usual high wargaming standards. Also creator of custom wargaming terrain.

Viking Lodge (USA)
Linus Svensson reports "I paint most types of miniatures and sell both on Ebay and through commission work."

Wargame Innovations (UK)
We paint only to showcase standards.

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Last Updated:  18 August 2015

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