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Ancient/Medieval Miniatures

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The following manufacturers offer miniature figures suitable for ancient and medieval wargaming. Manufacturers with product news, samples for review, and/or who would like me to add or update a link can contact me at with details.

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6mm Miniatures

Baccus (U.K.)
6mm  NKE, Hittite, Greek Hoplite, Persian, Macedonian, Indian, Spanish, Moorish, Celtic, Carthaginian, Dacians, Sarmatians, Republican and Early Imperial Roman, War of the Roses, and Samurai.  Late Romans on the way.

Hall of Ancient Warriors (Australia)
6mm Dark Age, Normans, Skythians.

Heroics and Ross (U.K.)
6mm Ancient, Dark Ages, Medieval and Renaissance. Retailers: Spirit Games (UK); Regal Miniatures (US)

IrRegular Miniatures (U.K.)
6mm Ancients and Medievals. Including DBA compatable army packs. Retailers: Silver Eagle Wargaming Supplies (U.S.A.) and Wargames Forum (U.K.). [Reviews].

Rapier (U.K.)
6mm Early Imperial Romans, Celts, Parthians, Indians, Persians, Greeks & Macedonians, and Seleucids.

Last Updated:  18 August 2015

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