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The De Bellis Bazaar is an on-line directory of commercial suppliers specializing in materials for ancient/medieval wargaming. It is designed as a service to the Fanaticus community of DBA gaming enthusiastists. With the exception of (forthcoming) Fanaticus merchandise, the Bazaar does not buy or sell products/services directly, but is designed to link users to commercial sources of gaming products and services.

There is no fee for posting links and descriptions of products and services in the De Bellis Bazaar. If you would like to add your name and product description to the Bazaar, just sent a note to Chris Brantley, with the details. Product samples for review are also welcome.

For more information on advertising opportunities or to provide feedback on the De Bellis Bazaar, contact Chris Brantley at

Last Updated:  4 Nov. 2005

Disclaimer: The descriptions of and links to commercial vendors provided via the De Bellis Bazaar do not constitute an endorsement, warranty or guaranty of their products/services or the accuracy of the information contained herein. The rule of caveat emptor ("buyer beware") prevails. Users of the De Bellis Bazaar agree to hold Fanaticus, the Fanticus Imperator Chris Brantley, and the web host Levelbest Communications harmless in any commercial transaction that proves dissatisfactory.