Jeff Caruso's Pass o' the North figures are currently available here.  This web catalog with pictures and reviews is being maintained as a reference resource for gamers.

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Last Updated:
3 September 2004

Pass o' the North
15mm Ancients for the Discriminating Gamer

Pass o' the North figures are cast with open hands and shields are usually separate although included with each pack where needed. Weapons may be purchased separately. All packs contain 8 foot or 4 mounted figures unless other stated. Command packs are 6 foot or 3 mounted.

GAL1 Gallic Foot Command
GAL2 Gallic Inf., unarmored (variations/conversions
of GAL 1)
GAL3 Gallic Inf. in chainmail ( head variations; supplied with a variety of 5 separate shields)
GAL4 Gallic Inf. in chainmail with cloak (heads and shield variations)
GAL5 Gallic Inf. - no armor (shields attached, head variations)
GAL6 Gallic Inf. - unarmored (head variations, small round shields, suitable for skirmishers)
GAL7 Gallic Cavalry #1
GAL8 Gallic Cavalry #2

MAR1 Marian Legionaries (Coolus helmet)
MAR2 Roman Cavalry
MAR3 Marian Legionaries #1 (Montefortino helmet, 3 variations)
MAR4 Marian Legionaries #2 (Montefortino helmet and swords, 2 variations)
MAR5 Roman Foot Command (Centurions, Signifers and Cornicens, 2 each)
MAR6 Roman Foot Command #2 (Tribunes and Aquilifers, 3 each)
MAR7 Roman Mounted Command
SPAN1 Baleric Slingers
SPAN2 Spanish Auxilia (Scutarii)
SPAN3 Spanish Psiloi (Caetrati)
SPAN4 Spanish Auxilia #2 (Scutarii)
SPAN5 Spanish Cavalry
SPAN6 Spanish Light Horse

See Chris Brantley's POTN Ancient Spanish Gallery

CART1 Carthaginian Auxilia (3 variations) 
CART2 Carthaginian Mtd. Command (3 sep. figures)
CART3 Peoni Cavalry
LIB1 Libyan Spearmen (3 variations)
LIG1 Ligurian Auxilia (Foot and Archers)
NUM1 Numidian Light Horse
NUM2 Numidian Psiloi
NUM3 Numidian Auxilia 
NUM4 Numidian Mtd. Command 

Our new Goths will allow you to recreate the barbarian migrations, from the walls of Constantinople to the conquest of Rome. Early and Later Visigothic, Vandal, Ostrogothic, Frankish, Alamannic, Burgundi, Limigantes, Frisian, Thuringian, and even the Gepids can be fielded. The frontier is undefended. What's stopping you?


POTN Goths by Simon Bargery

GOTH1 Gothic Cavalry #1  Chainmail, sword in hand (Several variations)
GOTH2 Gothic Cavalry #2  Open handed,armored and unarmored (Several variations)
GOTH3 Gothic Cavalry  #3  Hair in top knot (several variations)
GOTH4 Gothic Mtd. Command (with Draco standard)
GOTH5 Gothic Cavalry (Coming Soon)
GOTH6 Gothic Cavalry (Coming Soon)
GOTH7 Gothic Warband (with swords, 2 variations)
GOTH8 Gothic Warband (open-handed, 3 variations)
GOTH9 Alamanni Warband (4+ variations)
GOTH10 Gothic Warband (open handed, variations)
GOTH11 Gothic Archers (two variations)
(one pose per pack unless otherwise noted)
LIR1 Foot, attacking, chainmail, (3 variations)
LIR2 Foot, Chainmail, standing (2 variations)
LIR3 Foot, unarmored, no helmet, attacking, suitable for Legionaires or Auxilia (several variations)
LIR4 Foot, Unarmored, no helmet (3 variations, suitable for Legionaires or Auxilia) 
LIR5 Legionaire archers (4 variations)

Roman Mtd General/Command 


Roman Cavalry Command

LIR8 Roman Armored Cav (4 variations)
LIR9 Roman Horse Archers (3 variations) 
LIR10 Roman Fully Armored Cav (3 variations, fully armored horse) 
LIR11 Roman Light Horse with Javelin, open handed.
NEW: Spears of Brass Rod are now being substituted for the cast variety in packs ANC 3,4 and 5 below.
ANC1 Roman Legionaries entrenching the camp
(8 figures) (sample)(sample)
ANC2 Spanish Weapons (8 swords/falcatas, 4 caetra shields and 2 trophy heads)
ANC3 Gallic Weapons (8 swords, 8 spears, 2 trophy heads)
ANC4 Gothic Weapons (4 franciscas, 4 spears, 4 swords, 4 shields (small round)
ANC5 Late Imperial Roman Weapons (8 swords, 8 spears)
ANC6 Oval Shields, for variation of your Warbands (16 shields)
ANC7 Mongol Yurts. Two resin models (each fits on 40 x 40mm base)
ANC8 Roman Tents (forthcoming)
See latest list of DBA armies here along with current availability and price information.  As of 1 August 2007, the list includes:


DBA II/11 Gallic
DBA II/32 Later Carthaginian (no elephants)
DBA II/39ab Iberian and Celtiberian (ab)
DBA II/40 Numidian (no elephants)
DBA II/49 Marian Roman (includes 4 legionaires
entrenching the camp)


DBA II/65a Early Visigothic (a) 378 AD only 
DBA II/65b Early Visigothic (b) Other times
DBA II/66 Early Vandal 
DBA II/67a Radagaesus (a)
DBA II/67b Early Ostrogothic, others
DBA II/70a Burgundi (a)
DBA II/70b Limigantes (b)
DBA II/71 Gepids
DBA II/72a Quadi (a)
DBA II/72b Alamanni (b)
DBA II/72c Suevi (c)
DBA II/72d Early Franks etc. (d) Others
DBA II/73 Old Saxon, Frisian, etc.
DBA II/82a Later Visigothic (a)
DBA II/82b Later Visigothic (b)
DBA II/81c Sub-Roman British
DBA II/84 African Vandals 
DBA III/3 Italian Ostrogothic


DBA II/78(a) Late Imperial Roman, West
DBA II/78(b) Late Imperial Roman, East
DBA II/83(a) Patrician Roman, West 
DBA II/83(b) Patrician Roman, East