Castlebuilder 2

castle builder 2 slot

The Castlebuilder series is in a league entirely of its own when it comes to the typical online slot. There is an entire story to be played with advancing levels and a gameplay experience similar to that of an RPG. It all starts when you select your character to play with, all featuring their very own boost.

Progressive Gameplay and Levels

When you play slots online, you’re always looking for the next best thing. Unlike many other slots, Castle Builder 2 will save your progress and level when on the same device. As you work your way through the levels, your rewards and payouts get bigger, and you won’t have to lose this. You will be able to carry on where you left off last time you played, making it one of the best casino games out there.

Big Wins As You Level Up

The rewards start off pretty small in the beginning, but they quickly increase as you work your way through the levels. As you build more castles, and complete more worlds, the payouts will start to get bigger at the end of each round. The most fun slots have an aspect of interactivity, and there’s nothing more interactive than this one.

A Game from Rabcat

Rabcat Gaming are pretty small time when compared to the likes of others like Netent and Playtech. The Castle Builder series is by far their most notable online game, and what a game it is. This team of developers really have created something special here, that even the biggest companies haven’t been able to replicate yet.